It was thought that the Brussels sprouts originated from Belgium though the exact origin of it is still not yet known. But there are already recipes using this vegetable even in the 18th century.  It is the Brussels sprout that is considered to be low in calories and fats just like any other kind of vegetable for that matter. 

In a plant that grows about 2-4 feet tall, the Brussels sprout grows in bunches of 20-40 on a single stem. Brussels sprouts are known for its high protein content which accounts also for a quarter of its total caloric content. You have to know though that the protein that it has is incomplete and may not be able to provide the whole spectrum of amino acids. If you want to complete its content, though, you can take it with other whole grain foods sources. What this means though is that you can skip eating other protein sources like meat and can get your protein needs b having Brussels sprout together with other whole grain food items.  Be sure to visit this website at and know more about veg. 

It is in a Brussels sprout that you can get a number of vitamins and nutrients like potassium, calcium, folacin and vitamin A. they also contain 3-5 grams of fiber when you will take in  1/2  cooked cup which basically has 25 calories. This is the reason why there are many people that love to eat this vegetable because of the benefits that it gives them. 

It is also the best brussels sprouts grower that belong to the family of the diseases fighting cabbage family of Brassica due to the fact that it contains very high fiber. Just like broccoli and cabbage, it is the Brussels sprout that can help in fighting cancer as they have indole which is known to be a phytochemical. 


The Brussels sprout is also known to have a long season of availability which can be a great nutritional source. It also has a high level of vitamin C which also is known to be great against cancer. A 4oz. of this vegetable alone will already be able to provide you with 100mg of vitamin C which can be twice the amount of vitamin C that can be given by oranges. The nest way for you cook Brussels sprout is to steam it and make sure that you will leave a little water on it. That is why if you are looking for a food that will be able to give you enough vitamins ad proteins as well as fiber, then you should make sure that you will include Brussels sprout to your diet. Know the fresh produce suppliers here!